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SalvageSettlers is an online marketplace for salvage and scrap, with eAuctions and classified listings for buyers and sellers of salvage everywhere. SalvageSettlers oversees daily operations of all eAuctions, and provides a secure and efficient online marketplace for buyers and sellers to bid and trade.

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We provide support throughout the eAuction process – for both buyers and sellers. If new to the process, we will guide you through your first auction and subsequent auctions, until you are completely comfortable.
Call our helpline at any time: +91 8744013002.

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  • I have known SalvageSettlers for many years. The team comprises true professionals. With their innovative methods of selling salvage, they have changed for good the way salvage is being dealt with in India. We have been utilising their Salvor and eAuctioning services to our best satisfaction.

  • I have known SalvageSettlers since they were established in 2007. I have been utilising their services to facilitate salvage sales PAN India. The team is very professional and they have helped us reduce our claim liability by maximising salvage realisations through their fair and transparent eAuctioning services.

  • Insurers claims involving salvage disposal benefited from SalvageSettlers’ eAuction process. Their team was thorough in its processes, quick to respond and had new ideas to create optimum demand. The salvage value realized always either met or exceeded expected levels. It prompted us to rely fully on SalvageSettlers for fast and best salvage solutions via eAuction.

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